Maria VMier


21.05. - 26.06.2021: Flesh and Time and Bread and Friends @ Galerie Christine Mayer, curated by Kristina Schmidt
w/ Helin Alas, Ciccio (Francesco Vizzini & Norman Chernick-Zeitlin), Ala Dehghan, Whitney Harris, Johanna Klingler, Paulina Nolte, Kristina Schmidt, Polina Tereshina, Maria VMier

Companions in doubt and in failure [indigo], 2021, Indian ink, pigment, gum arabic and fixative on paper, 277 x 195,5 cm

        The thing in the ceiling gives me orders 2020, solo show at BOAN ART SPACE, Seoul, South Korea.
The exhibitions shows works created during my 14-day quarantine in a hotel close to Incheon airport. In diary-like text fragments, a photo series and ink drawings, I questioned the (my) role of the artist in the pandemic here and now, starting from the own body as a tool of knowledge.

Ruine München zeigt FAM_
(some photos by Constanza Melendez)

                   2020, Garden Salon Ruinous Times. the international [insert_ruinemuenchenlogo] edition during Radio-Aktivität. Kollektive mit Sendungsbewusstsein, @ Lenbachhaus, Munich. Text by Jan Erbelding, gloves by Leo Heinik.            

FLORIDA Magazin #6, 2020, 122 p., w/ contributions by: Adelaide Ivánova, Elisa Liepsch & Julian Warner, Anna Lena von Helldorff, Nadja Abt, Paula Querido Van Erven, Susi Müller, Nadja Buttendorf, Lisa Jeschke, Tmnit Ghide & Sisilia Akello-Okello, eRger, Rindon Johnson, Barabern und Strawanzen, Georgia Kaw, Daniel Huss, Markus Rettinger, Thomas Reger, Constanze Budcke, Frida Kato, Minhye Kim, Rebecca Ruchti, Achinoam Alon, Yuchu Gao, APHER® JEWELRY & SOLIDS / Angela Geisenhofer, Burschenschaft Molestia, Münchner Frauenkneipe und Forschungsgruppe zu Paul Hoecker (Forum Queeres Archiv München e.V.), AfroDiaspora 2.0//e.V., Allgäu rechtsaußen, Kristina Schmidt. Design: Gaile Pranckunaite. Editorial: Maria VMier, Beowulf Tomek, Frauke Zabel

                                                                                                                                                           "Zungen", 2020, [SOLO] exhibition, organized by Konstantin Lannert, Flyer by Stefanie Hammann @ Artothek Munich. Lips lick my tongue/ clit lips, my song/ touch lits my fun // eat me/ drink me/ make me/ end me // Im Negativraum der Welt formt sich der Gedanke zum Wort./ Im Negativraum des weißen Papiers bin ich ohne Vorstellung./ Ich beuge mich weit hinüber. Ich hole aus./ Ich ziehe Linien ins Chaos der Geister./ AAAAAAhhhh/ EEEEEEhhhh/ IIIIIIIIIhhhhh/ OOOOOhhhh/ UUUUUhhhh (Teaser "Zungen"). And please read her the beautiful TEXT in PW Magazin by Kristina Schmidt

Zur Einsamkeit, 2020. During This House is not a home“Jan Erbelding and I maintained the small bar Zur Einsamkeit (in Solitude) in the basement of Lothringer 13 Halle. Part of the bar is a set of 54 Post- Corona consultation cards which very gently served as a starting point for conversations.


Förderpreis der Stadt München
@ Lothringer 13 Halle.

Power Breather
, 2019, groupshow @ Spouse Vienna, Vienna (AT). w/ Jan Erbelding, Leo Heinik, Maria VMier.


If you want to read my text "Dear Fear, [Amazon ist keine Kathedrale]" send me an email. Language is German. Die Kapitel: BIRKE: Sehen hören Teil sein hineinführen — MOHN: Trägheit Schlaf Mutlosigkeit / Opium my Soul/ „ich bin machtlos“/ Tod Depression Selbstrelativierung — APFELBAUM: Redewendungen und Mythologie/ Der Apfel die Erde das Reich die Frucht/ Macht und Begehren — WERMUT (FEUERSTELLE): Der Amazonas brennt: Klimawandel und Kapitalismus/ „Sage instead of gas“/ Proteste im Whitney Museum/ Healing als politischer Begriff — MAIS: Indigener Widerstand, Indigenes Wissen, eigene „Indianer“-Projektionen, Antikoloniale Kämpfe sind Umweltkämpfe — GRENZE: Kultiviert unkultiviert/ Gebiet Gesetz Nation/ Einhegung Zaunreiterin/ Extase und Entgrenzung
Vier, 2019, Solo Show @ Gig Munich. 12th Ocotober – 23rd November 2019, Vernissage with Reading: Saturday, 12th Oct 7–9 pm, Artist Talk & Mother Tea: Sunday, 3rd November, 4 pm, Finissage: Sunday, 23rd November 2019, 7–9 pm. More photos online via tzvetnik

                                    Chronologie der Ereignisse 2016-18 [körperlich verstehen], 2019, Artzine, 4c Offset, stapled, 72 pages, 500 copies, English/German. Published as part of Form Your Character! w/ Stefanie Hammann."CHRONOLOGY of events. Fall 2016–fall 2018. This chronology is a chronology that emerges in a personal context, developed during my stay in the USA from September 2016 to the production of this artist‘s book in October 2018. I understand myself as an artist and part of a larger whole, that is part of the political, social. Chronology of first hand experiences because they forced me to understand and rethink my own figure in all its entanglements. Understanding the other by performing it inside myself, my thinking becomes the  site. The events were experienced directly by me or in my extended body of friends, so there is a focus on the places and events with which I was most connected during this time: Munich (Bavaria/Germany) and New York (USA)."
The main topics were derived from events in the years 2016-18: starting with the American presidential elections, the debate about Dana Schutz's painting "Open Casket" during the Whitney Biennial 2017, and continuing with protests against the new police task force law and the state elections in Bavaria 2018. The events are cross- referenced with my research on politically active artists' groups of the 70s/80s in New York (Group Material/Julie Ault, Franklin Furnace/Martha Wilson...), current positions in New York (Hannah Black, Juliana Huxtable, Margaret Lee, Chinatown Art Brigade...) and Munich (Police Class, Anna McCarthy...) and further reading (White Walling by Aruna D'Zousa, Spricht die Subalterne Deutsch hrsg. by Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez and Hito Steyerl)

Form Your Character!, Hammann von Mier, 2018. You can order it here